#epicrushmemories 2

Another installment of #epicrushmemories!

Neil Peart’s death early this year sent me down memory lane. Rush was a very important band to me in high school, and I have been trying to remember when I first discovered Rush. I thought it was in 9th grade when someone suggested I listen to “Tom Sawyer” or Exit… Stage Left (I thought it might have been Kent Yu – whatever happened to him? – but now I think maybe not). But this morning I started hearing “New World Man” in my head and remembered hearing it on the radio when it was in the charts! I listened to Top 40 on Armed Forces Radio when we first moved to Japan in August of 1982 – Wikipedia says the single came out in August of 1982 and entered the charts in October. I thought I had stopped listening to the radio by the time school started in September, so maybe I heard it when it was released or happened to listen to the radio later than I thought.

So not a major epic Rush memory, but considering I could remember something from that long ago I think it counts! I am fortunate to have some definite signposts for events that long ago – that first month after we moved to Japan we lived in a hotel (unfortunately I can’t remember the name), starting to listen to the Beatles after we moved into our apartment in Oji Palace in Minami Aoyama, switching to metal (Def Leppard, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Deep Purple) by 8th grade, etc. Rush became a major part of my life by 9th grade, but cool to have come up with this earliest memory!

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