#epicrushmemories 3

One more installment – realizing that I may have seen Rush four times instead of three! I definitely saw them on the Presto tour in Worcester when I was at Clark, on the Vapor Trails tour at Shoreline in 2002, and on the R40 tour at SAP Center in San Jose. But I have a […]

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#epicrushmemories 2

Another installment of #epicrushmemories! Neil Peart’s death early this year sent me down memory lane. Rush was a very important band to me in high school, and I have been trying to remember when I first discovered Rush. I thought it was in 9th grade when someone suggested I listen to “Tom Sawyer” or Exit… […]

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The recent passing of Rush drummer Neil Peart has affected a lot of people, myself included. A Facebook friend and I came up with the hashtag #EpicRushMemories – here are mine: I got tickets for the Vapor Trails tour show at the Shoreline Amphitheater in 2002 – received a call within a day or so […]

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